• Sonic Riders 15th anniversary shirt
    Sonic Riders 15th anniversary shirt
    This nicely detailed tee was a pre-order bonus for the original Sonic Riders in 2006. If you pre-ordered from Sega, you would get this shirt in the mail later on. It's thought that all of them are mega XXL sized. The front has the Riders styled Sonic graphic, complete with…
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Sonic Heroes post card

Photo credit: Rhia

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An interesting combination item to celebrate the release of Sonic Heroes to the UK. This is a post card with a twist. Each of the charachters are stickers and can be peeled off and used. It says "A tough team for a tough job" with everyone from 'team Sonic' on it. If you get right up close to this, Tails looks irritable, rather than tough, though. The stickers are nice and glossy, so this seems like a good quality card. 

Additional Info

  • Region: Europe


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