• Sonic IPad & IPhone cases
    Sonic IPad & IPhone cases
    These 3 things are 2 IPad cases & an Iphone case, as seen by their different shapes. You can get Sonic or Eggman for the pad, & Shadow for the phone. These can be found at www.sonicmerchandise.com , which is a re-seller of stuff you'd find at Toys R Us,…
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This is an exclusive sticker sheet from the TGS! (Tokyo Game Show) it was only handed out at the Sonic Generations booth there. The sheet is pretty large too, with plenty of stickers in both rectangle & diecut shapes. It should be about 8.5 x 11. Each character is labeled in Japanese, and you get a nice mix of classic & modern Sonic & Tails. The sheet will likely become a rare item as it is an event exclusive.


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