• Old Eggman Plush
    Old Eggman Plush
    This old Eggman plush is silly and round. With his dot-eyes, round nose, goofy big teeth and felt mustache, Eggman looks funny here. The plush itself is round and 3d, however the limbs, feet and hands are just flat pieces of felt. He has a string for hanging at the…
    in Japanese plushes

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Here are 4 postcards by GE Entertainment.
Theres' a card for Tails, Sonic, Amy & Knuckles. They're all done in the SA style with their name written in the logo font at the bottom. Each card has the characters' portrait on the front and the usual divided back (half for address/stamp, half for writing) These cards were sold as a pack, with several of each one. They're nicely designed, and would even look cool pinned up on the wall or as the background for a shelf.
Somehow, these weren't very common. They're likely a 201? (2010 or later) item, but it hasn't been pinned down where they were sold. This photo of them is actually from Japan because someone found a way to import them. How many cards did you get? How much did it cost?

Additional Info

  • Region: America
  • Brand: Great Eastern


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