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    Sega Shop Graffiti Sonic Mug
    This is called the Graffiti Deck Sonic Mug.It's in the Sega Shop in fall 2020, for about 15 dollars. It's called "Deck" because the "Sonic Speed" yellow circle with modern face on one side of the mug is to resemble a 'deck sticker' which is what's applied to skateboard decks.The…
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SegaSonic 1998 postcard

Photo credit: Hikari Site

Tags: Postcard Japan SegaSonic 1998

Here is a postcard that's supposed to be from 1998. It has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, but it still uses the "Segasonic" name, which is a little unusual for the time. It may have been one of the last few items to have 'segasonic' printed on it.
This is supposed to be a selection of puzzles. (but there's no real proof) It's 4 boxes (The others may be games or DVDs) that look sort of thick & all have some nice classic Sonic art on the tops. (Is some of it unique? It's hard to tell because the old picture here is rather small) Write in if you can prove these are puzzles for credit.
It uses the background from the 'screen saver', but places in stock art for each of the characters. The back has a logo, says "Sega" & has a tiny Sonic line art in 1 corner. 

Additional Info

  • Year: 1998
  • Region: Asia
  • Brand: SegaSonic


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