• Sonic Heat Changing Mug
    Sonic Heat Changing Mug
    Where's Sonic on this mug?He's hidden in plain sight! This is a "heat changing" mug, where, when you pour hot liquid into it, the black coating 'dissappears', revealing hidden designs! Obviously, with the eyes & ears showing there, you can tell exactly where Sonic will appear...but not what pose he's…
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Sonic Movie Stickers

Photo credit: GamingChiliHedgehog

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Here are 2 different sticker sheets for the Sonic movie. The first one has a really large sticker of running forward Sonic, and the logo. The other sheet has 2 poses for him, and a small logo. The legs look odd, like the knee is somehow very low on the cross leg pose. Of course, the bottom one has him eating popcorn because 'movie'. They all use the CG art from the movie, and have a dark background. Were these a promo? Where were they sold? 

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