• SegaSonic running Sonic patches
    SegaSonic running Sonic patches
    These patches are different. You couldn't sew them on, you had to iron them on instead. Notice how they are smooth graphics, not embroidered fabrics. It has "Sonic CD Style figure8" running Sonic with a word above him. What does it say?
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Here's the "Sonic Jam" men's sweat shirt.
It's an all black long sleeve with stretchy cuffs & waist. It has the same pattern as the above skirt and boxer shorts. (If you wore all 3 things at once, it would be so busy!) The busy pattern is in full force here with rings, classic logos, running Sonic, Flying Tails, & gliding Knuckles as well as Eggman in his Egg o Matic & the word "Sonic" spelled out in Japanese letters. If you look closely, you can also see more tiny DropDead logos as well. This is 50 pound. (There may be a women's one too, but it should be identical to this one)

Additional Info

  • Region: Europe
  • Brand: Drop Dead


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