• Sonic Floppy Disk Labels
    Sonic Floppy Disk Labels
    This is a pack of Floppy Disk Labels. The disks were small square things of about 3 or so inches each that held 1.44 MB of data. Since quite a few things would fit on there, it was important to keep it written down on a list-hence, the need for…
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Sonic speed freak shirt

Photo credit: GagaMan

Tags: Shirt GAME United Kingdom

Announce to everyone your association with Sonic with this shirt.
The shirt here isn't remarkable at all, it's all the same color with no special features, so just the logo appears. Classic running Sonic stock art has been reduced to a line drawing (and after-image) with the large stencil-font proclaiming "Speed Freak" above the classic logo. This is another one which looks somewhat pre-worn. These are available at GAME stores in 2008. 

Additional Info

  • Year: 2008
  • Region: Europe
  • Brand: GAME


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