• 3 classic Sonic shirts
    3 classic Sonic shirts
    Fifth Sun has made this washed out looking tee. The design is purposefully light, on the mottled blue background. It's simple, with the classic style logo around Sonic's winking face on a yellow circle. Where is this sold? Write in if you know. Photo by Sonicrush05 This red classic style…
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This shirt is called "Watercolor Summer of Sonic". Is it really from the fan convention of the same name, in 2016? It's not all that 'watercolor' effect, maybe a 'wash' effect, but it's sure not painterly. It's a much simplified version of Sonic in the wing-ring from the title screen. It has a simple 'smily face' for Sonic's face as like a 'kids line art' look. The logo is 'hand lettered' across the ribbon at the bottom. The shirt itself is a long sleeve tee with black collar & sleeves, with white body. Using this different art style to portray the very familiar title ring gives the shirt a unique look.

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  • Region: Europe


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