• Sonic adventure 2 battle Sampler CD
    Sonic adventure 2 battle Sampler CD
    This isn't a full CD, but rather a sampler. Look at the 'not for resale' mark on one side. This was released to promote Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and has Sonic & Shadow faces art, as well as the logo. Where was this given out? Did it come with some…
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3 Classic Sonic socks

Photo credit: Shadouge

Tags: 2011 United Kingdom Socks

Here are 3 different great pairs of classic styled Sonic socks. The first has a 'new classics' art with Sonic jumping among yellow stars, the second has black & white checkers with various expressions for classic Sonic, and the third has laughin' classic style Sonic with the logo, and a star background. Each one seems classic without getting too busy. The first sock can be found at New Look & the second 2 are from Amazon UK in 2011. 

Additional Info

  • Year: 2011
  • Region: Europe


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