• Sonic X Shadow Chaos Control shirt
    Sonic X Shadow Chaos Control shirt
    More with style! This Shadow Chaos Control Tshirt has 4 bars with semi-shaded Shadow portraits, all in hot green. The green paint used for this does not photo well, and is actually not yellow-green, but more flourescent mid-green. The shirt, is unfortunatly a dark brown, rather than black, and so…
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Hot Topic adds a bit of an odd tee for 2021...
This is "Sonic's Chili Dogs Tee". It's adult sizes only (notice how long the torso part is) and a bright blue color, with only white ink. It uses neo-classic 'chili dog eating' Sonic for the art, but makes it look like the art/logo for a company/restaurant on purpose. The checkered oval says "Since 1991" and the bottom text is "Speedy Fast Delivery" which is somewaht redundant.
It's trying to look 'retro' and all that, which it succeedes at decently well, but making Sonic all about 1 food or that he would want to run a food business or be a delivery boy seems a little...out of character or something.Whatever the opinion is though, this is at least 23 dollars at HT.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Hot Topic


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