• Gravity art shirt with Japanese logo
    Gravity art shirt with Japanese logo
    This tee is likely by the same company that released a whole batch of designs into Burlington Coat Factory stores early in 2019. It's just too bad it doesn't mark the clothes with any sort of brand...This all black tee uses the color modern Japanese Sonic logo at the top…
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This is called the "Cool Sonic Roll" tee at Hot Topic in 2021.
But should it be electronic-Sonic, or circuit-Sonic instead? What's odd about it is that it uses a strange off-model 'stylistic' Sonic for the art. What's he doing with his fingers? It looks like maybe metal-horns (heavy metal fans) because the fingers aren't far enough apart for surfing/hang-ten? Then, the ears have the detail deleted, and all the spikes on his head are changed to triangles...which makes the lone-normal back-spike look strange. Adding black/white sunglasses also helps to kind of obfuscate the Sonic design here.
The logo is done in a circuit font, and the slogan next to him is "This is how I roll". The other side has 91 and his name spelled out in Japanese...but usually it's not turned sideways in exactly that way. The rectangle/background has rings, 4-point-stars and emerald-outlines scattered around. This one is a bit of an odd bird. It should be 20 dollars in store and online.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Hot Topic


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