• Sonic Giant Baseball Bat
    Sonic Giant Baseball Bat
    Ah, the comedy 'giant baseball bat' amusement prize.And now...there's one with Sonic on it. Sometimes there are squeeky hammers and other times bats, but they're big, inexpensive, and easy to put branding on so they're the perfect pick for fairs and arcades. In this case it's Tokyo Joypolis that had…
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Target continues to be wild about Sonic in 2021, and no one's complaining!
With fun designs like this one, their tees seem to be succeeding. This bluegray tee has the whole classic cast on it, and looks fresher for it. The logo is printed in a dark gray/sort of blocky large font at the top. Slightly overlapping it is some nice neoclassic art for Eggman where he has 1 finger raised but arms crossed. You've got neoclassic jumping twist Sonic, gliding Knuckles, neoclassic looking-over amy & classic profile running Tails.
Seeing Eggman in a new/calm pose is fun and he makes it different/more colorful design. Having all the classic characters in-action and leaning on the neoclassic art helps keep the tee fresh.
This is in the boys/teens area of summer 2021, and should be about 10 dollars or so. A nice design for tee collectors and Egg-fans alike.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Target


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