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    Trapper Sonic folders & Binders
    Trapper did 2 (or more?) "Portfolios" but they really are just folders with the same image on both sides and 2 pockets inside. These have holes, and fit in your Trapper Keeper. They really spared no expense on the stock art, the quality is really top-notch on the coloring. The…
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Here's a cute sort of pun tee from Kohls in summer 2021.
It has a grid of 6 colored squares, each with a different expression for classic Sonic heads. The classic logo is at the bottom in color & the slogan here is "Game Face"...well, technically Sonic's IN the game, so all his faces are the game face, hence the bit of a pun.
The neoclassic ones appear to be aggrivated/straight spikes, surprised, and possibly the upper middle one.
The round sticker says "Collectible Tee" on it (but who knows why...literally everything is technically collectible) It is made by Jumping Beans (see printed collar tag) so you know that is is only in little kids sizes. Other stores than Kohls sells the Jumping Bean brand, so you may be able to find it elsewhere. It is a cute idea/slogan.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Kohls


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