• Sonic & Eggman folders
    Sonic & Eggman folders
    Here are 2 folders, the first one is Sonic losing his rings but in the 'dead' sprite pose in front of nothing in Green Hill. You've seen this before on a notebook above. The second folder is new though. It has 16 bit pixelated look, with brick wall & checkers.…
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Another item so far seen only at Kohls, it's a little kids tee.
This is reported to be made of 'unusual smooth fabric', and when that happens it usually means it is made of lycra for some reason. (Lycra is like 'biker shorts/cycle shorts' type material) The way the sleeves/topper part and bottom are stitched (it's wider than normal) also suggest this. The body for the shirt is blue, and it has a mottled gray collar & sleeve/shoulder top area. It uses a neoclassic Sonic art in a black ring with green stars & 1 large circle/star. The angle of the photo/tee combined with the art make his head look way too big some how? It ends up a little strange looking. The classic logo is large in black and white at the top. This is a summer 2021 item

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Kohls


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