• Eggman stamp
    Eggman stamp
    Here's a little stamp with a 3D figure of Eggman on top. This looks like it could be a 'self-inking' stamp. What does it stamp? The leaping Eggman stock art, and Eggman's name. You can see the outline of what it will make in the bottom of the lid. The…
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Target gets ready for fall 2021 with a sweat shirt set.
BUT it is NOT sold together! The shirt and the pants MAY appear in different places / on different racks even though they clearly match. Be sure to dig through the racks!
The mottled gray pair has hands-clasped sitting classic Sonic (a very unusual choice) and 4 different-angle rings over bands of blue & red. The pants carry over only the blue/red bands (now vertical) and 3 of the gold rings. Sonic himself doesn't appear on the pants. The shirt slogan is "Sonic Faster Than You", which seems to be a first-use for this slogan. The sitting art seems to be adapted from the one that appeared secretly in Sonic CD but he's been given hands instead of the mitten/balls that the CD art had.

It is a cute look where he is rather innocent looking. The 'turning' rings are an interesting thing as well, and it keeps the pants Sonic-enough. The long sleeve sweat shirt should be about 12 dollars. It's in the boys/teens area but the XL or XXL may fit older teens or adults.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Target


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