• Collection of Unpainted Sonic Boom Figures
    Collection of Unpainted Sonic Boom Figures
    A collection of unpainted figures! Notice that the Eggman also has something on his wrist as well. These are a bit small/distant so it's slightly hard to tell what's going on. Both 3 and 5 inch figures are pictured here. Look above the Knuckles on the far right side. That's…
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This is a primarily-for-girls shirt (uncommon among Sonic items!) in both the cut and the phrase on it. It has that 'fake faded' look of slightly degraded graphics and classic 'getting ready to run' Sonic stock art. The phrase (unfortunately) is rather dubious and says "I (heart) boys that move fast!" (which, of course here is meant to have a double meaning--and you are supposed to take it that the wearer likes Sonic and is not infact, having an innuendo) Sonic has had other innuendo shirts, but those were all rather un-intentional and can be seen around the site. This shirt is available in Fall 2009 at GKWorld.com 

 Boys Play Games shirtDiscovered by Blue Sonikku

GK World is at it again with this shirt.
The 'slogan' could have 3 meanings: with an inferred comma, it's a command, without it, its either that boys do, infact, play video games, or possibly 'games' which is meant to refer to romantic tribulations. Why they would pick something with a dubious double meaning (as "games" when referred to in a romantic sense are usually considered off-putting/ bothersome / etc.) is unknown. It is all in the eye of the reader, in this case. The shirt itself is a light blue, again with the fake-age/faded look classic Sonic graphic. Due to the large design & that he's standing over the words & some stripes, it gives the shirt an added bit of uniqueness. This shirt is available in fall 2009 at GK world.com 

 red shirtDiscovered by GhostAnjo

Here's another classically styled Sonic shirt from Hot Topic.
This one's a bit out of the ordinary though, due to sleeve length and decoration. It may also be called a "Hockey Style" shirt. The sleeves are striped with bands of yellow and blue, and go the elbow rather than being a true short or long sleeve. The bottom is also longer, meant to cover the top of pants or shorts when worn. It's shown on a girl here, but likely anyone could wear it. It's got classic stock art legs-crossed Sonic, but fortunately it does not seem to use the over-done "fake distressing" of the design.
Remember, if you don't see this at your local Hot Topic ASK! It lets people know Sonic is in demand. If you still can't find it, you should be able to order this through HotTopic.com in fall/winter of 2009. 


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