• Giant Knuckles plush
    Giant Knuckles plush
    You've seen the 'ultra big' version of this plush elsewhere on USA Plushes pages (sitting on a sofa) however, this is 'only' the 3 foot high version of Knuckles. He's still got the plastic over the eyes, and is well stuffed (notice how the tail & spikes keep their shape)…
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Pop culture alert! This funny shirt says "This is how I roll", and features the somewhat uncommon spinning/rolling Sonic classic stock art. The phrase is thought to have originated with rap songs (or commentary) to mean it's how someone rides or drives (in a certain manner, or with certain items) which then branched out to it just meaning how someone gets around, or even how they live. Naturally the internet loves to make fun of it, so here comes a shirt taking the phrase literally. Various cats sitting atop various objects, in photos can also be found with the same caption. It is interesting to see a shirt made with a phrase so quickly. This should be available at CircleRed.com BUT it was made by FifthSun in 2010


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