• Team Sonic Racing Postcards
    Team Sonic Racing Postcards
    A cool big set!This set of portrait post cards comes from the big bonus pack that came with Team Sonic Racing game in 2019. Each colorful card features a racer character standing beside their custom car. They also have their name/color on the ground under them. The art is all…
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Another unusual item, here is the Sonic Bath Robe. It's classically styled, with various older stock arts scattered around as a pattern. It's made of fuzzy blue cloth to keep you warm when leaving the shower or bath. It IS in an adult size (1 size fits all) and has a belt. This can be found at FYE in winter 2011. It can be either 19.99 or 11.99 (depending on sales) As you can see, it's simply packaged with a card-band that has the logo & a picture of the item. 


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