• Oval shaped Sonic Mug
    Oval shaped Sonic Mug
    Here is an 'oval shape' ceramic mug.It's fairly egg shaped, rounded inward at the top. There doesn't appear to be a real reason for the shape, other than 'its not standard'. It's another classic style piece, this time with the whole standard "Borderless Sonic front face" on one side and…
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For the 30th Anniversary of Sonic in 2021, IDW produces this...item.
Supposedly it's a soft-cover comic book of some sort with classic style characters on classic stories but...upon announcement any store only has it as one of those kindle/e-reader nonsense downloadable "virtual items" and has no blurb for what it is about.

*E-reading beware:
You don't own virtual items. Collecing up bunches of data that companies call 'materials' for yourself only works so long as company lets you have it. Paid for it? They don't care, they'll take it all back or erase it if your device quits or they go out of business. Own your own things, get what you pay for and create physical media.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: IDW


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