• Sonic Ramune
    Sonic Ramune
    These flat packages are "Ramune" & it has CG Sonic & Tails on the front of the soft plastic package / packet. However, isn't Ramune usually a soda in a distinctive glass bottle with marble locked into it? (The marble in the bottle makes drinking the beverage difficult on purpose)…
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Winter-wierd "Costume Hoodie" Tags: Costume

This hoodie is an oddity. It's called "Costume Hoodie", and it comes off as rather strange instead of cool. The hood features one of those 'screen-fabric' "Masks" like some of the super hero hoodies that were a fad. This is a mesh with a design printed on it. When the mesh is close to your face, you can see through it......fairly...well? (Not the best/reduced vision) But, as you can see here from a distance, all you see is the pattern, which is Sonic's eyes/forehead.
It's an ok idea, but it's quickly spoiled by the mutant wonky spikes. These are too thin, strangely curved, look skimpy & just fake and odd. The ears are small cones. There's the belly dot on the zip up front, and the sleeve cuffs are white to represent glove cuffs.

This is too wacky/bonkers to wear as a casual item, but it's not costume enough for Halloween or convention cosplay...so what is it's aim exactly? This is a teens size thing too...so it's not like a cutie-toddler-dress-up thing for them. Supposedly this is on Amazon somewhere but what to even do with it if you do find it?


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