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    This is the cover for Sega Maga magazine, a Japanese publication. Just by looking at the cover graphic here, you wouldn't be able to tell this is their Sonic Adventure 1 issue...but it is! They're using an older (but still 3D rendered) Sonic & Tails without the SA1 look. Why?…
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Movie Sonic Halloween costume

Photo credit: Taaron

Tags: Halloween Movie Sonic United States

In the usual cash in cash-grab...
Here comes Halloween with this accidentally scary costume. This is Movie Sonic costume, so...it's got a hairy texture printed on. It's the usual jumpsuit type thing with a hood simple costume that comes in a bag at all of the general Halloween sections & Halloween shops. It's got the movie logo, a gold ring, and is in kids sizes only. The back-photo (inset) shows that the hood is indeed spiked, but it looks like the texture for the actual back is printed on.
Do note that it doesn't come with gloves or shoes to complete the look. 

Additional Info

  • Region: America


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