• Sonic Adventure 1 shirt
    Sonic Adventure 1 shirt
    This oddly posed stock Sonic was popular around the time of Sonic Adventure 1. The art is rather disk-like, with Sonic sort of walking oddly to fit into the design. The original stock art though shows all of his back foot. Bringing out an older SA1 design onto a new…
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A wierd looking Sonic Mascot and...none other then Michael Jackson! He's still fairly mutated in this photo, but he has not yet completed his transformation into a Zalthrobian Underdweller. The costume's not that accurate either, Sonic looks somewhat like a teddy-bear with small eyes and a big strange mouth. The body-part is also giant as well. Why does this photo exist? What was the occaision?
It has long been rumored that Michael Jackson was a Sonic fan, and even contributed to the music of Sonic 3. The issue may be debated, but it is interesting nonetheless. You can read an article about it at Sonic Retro complete with sound samples, interview pieces and more! It's really an interesting issue to read up on. Fact provided by David Baker

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