• Jakks articulated figures wave 2
    Jakks articulated figures wave 2
    Before the first round of Jakks Pacific Articulated Action Figures even appeared in stores, these photos shows up of more of them.So, they will add Knuckles and a large green super emerald (probably not the master, as that is larger than the character), Metal Sonic with an Eggman symbol tile,…
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A day gone wrong at the races? This is supposed to be from some Race-Car area, with possibly a famous guy, Chris Evans. Look at the Tails though! He is made from a 1960's carpet gone horribly awry! And are those eyebrows? Tails doesn't even HAVE eyebrows. Also, the Sonic is kind of scary with a giant mouth and um..flappy neck thing. This photo was in Fleetway of the UK's Sonic the Comic. Extra info by Redkun.

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  • Region: America


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