• King of bling retro tee
    King of bling retro tee
    Here's a fun (in that it makes fun-of, a bit) retro style tee. With a somewhat 1970s font, they spell King of Bling under Sonic. To help clarify, he's always collecting gold rings! Four rings appear scattered over stock arms-cross Sonic and even the word. Due to the interaction of…
    in Classic Clothing

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And you thought all the scares were over with the pictures above! Mutant alert!

Oh man, this is like some vaguely-shaped Sonic alien thing. It looks like it's all lycra, but what is that head! This misfortune is shown with a Soccer guy wearing a Sega Shirt...so this can't be a misguided fan-attempt. It's from a real 1990s event, and the photo was in a UK Annual.

There are some really 'whoops' interperatations of Sonic the Hedgehog out there...and this is one of them. Perhaps that flying soccer-ball will save our dignity and end it all.

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  • Region: America


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