• 1998 Jumbo Sonic Plush
    1998 Jumbo Sonic Plush
    Here's a different (yet similar...) jumbo Sonic plush. He's about 15 inches, and from 1998, so that's pretty big for the time. This one is different because he's posed. The one hand is always up in a waving position/stays that way. Usually you see small dolls that are posed, but…
    in Japanese plushes

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Perhaps the USA is under a curse.
A curse to never get Sonic suits right! Argh they are always so terrible and look nothing like him. Here we have a velour-looking interperatation of Sonic with wrinkly arms, small belly-dot, and green Sonic Adventure style eyes. Look at the huge nose and 1-finger hands!

With how awful many of these darn suits are, Sonic Costume Characters USA is fast spiraling into being a sub-page of the mutant section. When will the tyranny of horrible costumes end? Is this thing even real?

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  • Region: Unknown


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