• Trackball SegaSonic arcade
    Trackball SegaSonic arcade
    The section starts off with one of the most famous arcade machines Sonic ever had. It was famous despite it's very limited release to certain arcades. This could be seen/played in Japan, and also in England.at Segaworld London. It was unique for two reasons, one being (as seen) it had…
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Here is a mysterious (yet not very good) mascot suit. It is obviously amongst other mascots (note decapitated animal mascot head pile in the background) The head is trying, but it is huge and the wiggly mouth just rather ruins it. It is possible it could be a fan suit...but usually you don't see the big stuffed heads on such items. Note the wrinkly arms and bunched up legs. Also, the hands only have 4 fingers...

Apparently this was attempting to be sold on ebay as a "Flesh Suit" because the listing was somewhat 'engrish', but it was taken down before it could sell. (odd...usually bootlegs (if thats what this is) get away with it on ebay.) Was it ever official? Likely to be a bootleg of some sort.

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  • Region: America


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