• Segaprize Europe plushes set 2
    Segaprize Europe plushes set 2
    Segaprize Europe made another set of plushes (first set is seen on UK plush 2 here) This 2nd set is similar to the first, with small differences. First of all, the colored parts to the eyes are embroidered with slightly shiny thread (a nice & quality touch). Next, Knuckles' proportions…
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Here's a mascot suit which can appear at GameWorks arcades in the USA. A Gameworks is an arcade for teens/adults, with a large variety of modern arcade games and sometimes even laser tag arenas. Unlike Chuck E Cheese's it's meant for everyone, not just little kids, and most serve food. To keep the excitement going, some of them can have Sonic mascot suits appearing. This one has annoyingly small hands, which makes it look kind of wierd. The head is ok, and the spikes certainly seem well placed/3D from the back. The shoes are decent too, though he is rather rolly-polly looking more like Classic Sonic, though it does have green eyes.

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  • Region: America


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