• Sonic pullover hoodie
    Sonic pullover hoodie
    Here's a pullover hoodie for winter 2021.It has blue hood & sleeves, with gray body. The cuffs and waist are elastic. The design here is really big, taking up almost the entire body of the hoodie. It has classic finger-waving Sonic in the classic ring of stars, with a yellow…
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Square Sonic Costume

Photo credit: Silverknux

Tags: Costume Mutant United States

This mascot suit may be recent/modern, but it's certainly not the best. Look how fat and square it is! It has such a case of 'big body', it makes the arms look short and strange. By looking at the 'M' symbol in the background, you can tell this likely appeared at a Sonic/Mario Olympic Games (summer or winter) type of event. However, why in this day and age, where you can clearly see loads of better suits in and outside the USA, would they let such a fat one appear? 

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  • Region: America


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