• Sonic speed freak shirt
    Sonic speed freak shirt
    Announce to everyone your association with Sonic with this shirt.The shirt here isn't remarkable at all, it's all the same color with no special features, so just the logo appears. Classic running Sonic stock art has been reduced to a line drawing (and after-image) with the large stencil-font proclaiming "Speed…
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These mascot suits appeared at E3 2009, which was held in Los Angeles Convention Center. They were there to promote Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Winter Games game for the Wii. Both the suits are of an unusually good quality. Sonic & Mario are both really proportional (though it appears something's gone a bit wrong with Mario's fingers) and Sonic actually looks pretty cool and not mutated. The surface isn't overly fuzzy, appearing more like a crush-velvet fabric, which creates an even enough tone that's not super shiny or inappropriate. If you want to see these in action a video should appear with this link: Mascot Suit Winter Games. The banners are also a good backdrop, full of action and excitement for the game. This is def. one of the better suits to appear in the USA!

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  • Region: America


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