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    Big Sonic the Hedgehog bag
    A great big bag!This is an all-cloth bag from the 1990s, which is a little uncommon because such re-useable "eco bags" were not really a fad/trend at the time. It's all light blue, with tough handles in the top center. It has the main image of Sonic & Tails with…
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Sonic 20th anniversary mascot

Photo credit: PiplupFan77

Tags: 20th anniversary Mascot United States 2011 E3 expo

This is the mascot suit Sonic that Sega chose for the E3 2011 event. Here you can see it near their booth, near Sega people, and near the special Green Hill Zone themed 20th Anniversary cake. The cake is fun, complete with classic checkering and loop. Stars and palms make nice decorations, and the waterfall is a good touch. But why does the Sonic figure on the cake look so strange? It seems a bit off-model. With Generations announcements and the 20th Anniversary, this 2011 E3 was a great event. 

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  • Region: America


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