• 4 pins & buttons from the UK
    4 pins & buttons from the UK
    A Ninja Star? A mutated Pog? No! This is a pin or badge. The sticker is holo-foil type, and the badge itself is plastic. The 3D rendered head is a design exclusive to the UK (somewhat fortunatly, as it was early in the 3D era) This was a give-away of…
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To promote Sonic Riders...they did the closest thing they could find.
They shoved a mascot suit onto this strange hover craft disk! It creates an effect that is absolutely nothing like the game. In fact, this would just look like a Sonic costume at some amusement place, if not for the "Sonic Riders" stickers applied to the sides. These hover-craft disks can be ridden around on smooth floors at some amusement areas. It must be difficult to ride one while also being a mascot. Still, this is interesting to see.


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  • Region: America


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