• Cospa Sonic thermos
    Cospa Sonic thermos
    Cospa adds a thermos to their merchandise collection in fall of 2020.This cylender shaped thermos is white (but is it pearly? Maybe?) made of metal, and has a screw cap lid. The design for it wraps part of the way around the front, and uses only blue ink on the…
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This is a promotional shot for the next Sonic All Stars Racing game "Transformed" (with just that extra word on the end of the title. It features vehicles that change into other types to help you race. The car has been given a makeover to help promote the game, with the logo on the hood, and nice blue color. The mascot suit here is standing with Dannica Patrick, a car racing person. Why? Her car will be play-able in the game due to some kind of cross promotion by Sega.

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  • Region: America


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