• Club Sega CD Cover
    Club Sega CD Cover
    This is a rather mystrious CD cover. It mentions nothing and only has an abstract string/marker/colored line circular scribbling going on for the graphic. It says "Club Sega" but reveals nothing of the content, or why/where it was made. This is reported to contain at least 1 Sonic related song.…
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E3 2012 Sonic Mascot

Photo credit: SurferBRG

Tags: Mascot E3 expo 2012 United States

Here's the mascot Sonic that appeared at E3 2012, is it the same as the one above? Quite possibly. It looks good here, with proper big hands & well done head. (though a sleeve went a bit awry) The shoes are nice & shiny & the texture of the body looks good too. A great suit for the USA! (quite an improvement from older suits, certainly!) 

Additional Info

  • Region: America


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