• Matalan store blue Sonic shirt
    Matalan store blue Sonic shirt
    This shirt adds interest to the background, by spelling out "Sonic" in four different fonts with 4 different colors. The effect makes for a decent background with the large modern Sonic. The logo, in black & white is unobtrusive in the corner. This is in kids sizes only, and should…
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Inflatable mascot suit

Photo credit: SurferBRG

Tags: Mascot 2003 United States

Remember that wierd hybrid wind powered / inflatable mascot suit / decorative item from Suits 1? Well, here's another...but better one. Much like a 'wind ornament' that you find advertising stores, where a fan powers an air filled item giving it a 3D shape...this costume does the same thing. It keeps its shape via air instead of foam or sculpting.
This means its cooler inside, lighter, & can bend all around. The body style/head style of Sonic looks classic, but the eyes are green. Is it official? You can see it at: The Costume Specialists , who also make suits for other companies. 

Additional Info

  • Year: 2003
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Costume Specialist


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