This is an MIB shot of the UK (and possibly Japan) PVCs that were sold under the Sonic & Knuckles label. There were quite a variety of these figures, so you would have had to buy several packs like this to collect them all. The rest of the figures (group shots/close ups, etc) can all be seen on the UK pages of SonicGear.

This pack has confused Robotnick, Metal Sonic, Chopper/Chop-chop the fish and what looks like it could be a Newtron. Clearly, while they were marketing it under the Sonic & Knuckles label, they were just throwing in characters from any of the games, plus the non-Japan styled Robotnick who wasn't in any game except possibly Mean Bean Machine.

It is interesting to see what the figures looked like MIB and how they were presented despite being from a range of games. 


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