Dr. Robotnik thinking

Photo credit: Calistine

Tags: Robotnik Figure United Kingdom 1994 90s

This is a small PVC Robotnik (Thinking Version) with "Conflict Card". The card is rare because it is flimsy. The copyright here is for 1994, but what's the purpose of the card? It looks like part of a card game, like you could run the stats against other characters with conflict cards (which could be a fun idea, if there were multiple figures for everyone) but nothing similar has yet appared to suggest that. Also, notice that it rates him as stronger than he is smart...which is wierd, because even the "Robotnik" version was supposed to be an "evil genius", so you can tell this is sort of playing into the whole 'westernized' version of things where he's really bumbling instead. 

Additional Info

  • Year: 1994
  • Region: EU


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