This is likely a cast-resin statue. Here, classic Eggman is shown victorious (in his 'emerald holding pose from a bad ending) on a laquered wood base. This is a Japanese statue, & was produced in the early 1990s. It was likely expensive at the time, and probably remains so now. As you can see here, the base is real polished wood (stained dark brown) and has pre-drilled holes in it for his feet, which must have some type of peg. The box near him says KENT on it, but why is it relevant at all? You can see the sculpting here is all nice and Sonic 1 game accurate, with his shiny glasses, red nose, and simple mustache. Look how big his mouth is though, he's got loads of teeth. This statue is quite uncommon!


This statue of Eggman was made in the early 1990s. It is likely to be resin, and comes with a real wooden base. (he's detatchable) This was expensive when it was first made, and remains so now...only now it is more rare. (Villain solo statue! uncommon by nature!) The proportions are all excellent to the early games, and they included every detail, even sculpting all of his teeth. It was sold only in Japan. You can also see a video of it with Hogfather Don, where you can get a sense of the size, and see all sides of this costly & interesting figure. Really, a star in the collection of any Eggman fan!

 Eggman resin statueOwned by Hogfather Don

Eggman resin statue close up

Eggman resin statue back


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