• Green Sonic Game Works Yoyo
    Green Sonic Game Works Yoyo
    Here is a Gameworks green Sonic themed Yoyo.It's just an ordinary plastic yoyo that can be rebranded with any graphics or names a company desires. In this case, Gameworks the 'arcade & eatery' has branded it for themselves, and also Sonic. Gameworks functioned a little like an 'adult type' Chuck…
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sonic 15th pvc backsonic 15th figure in bag


A 15th anniversary is a pretty big deal, so a figure to celebrate it is a great idea. Here's either the same (or an extrem
ely similar) figure in the box and out of the box. As is expected with display figures, it's an excellent likeness with a great paint job. Nothing off-model here, and great to collect. You can even see that the base is polished and reflective! What a nice and classy detail. Sonic looks cool and ready for action! 


There's also another detail that's different, if you look closely!
There's a "15th Sonic" stamp/decal on the top surface of the base, when the one above is clearly missing it. This proves that there are at least 2 versions of the statue.

With the shot from the back, you can see he's accurate pretty much all around. There's nothing out of proportion and his spikes didn't go crazy. In all, a very good looking figure.

At the right is the figure again, but in a bag this time. It's of interest because if you look cloesly, the boxed figure clearly was never in a bag inside the box. The bagged figure is the pre-order figure for Sonic 360.

sonic 15th figure frontphoto by WorldGuardian4Ever sonic 15th pvc boxedphoto by Alessandero

 Sonic 06 pre order statue arm moved upwardsSonic 06 pre order statue arm moved downwards

Sonic 06 pre order statue head moved sidewaysSonic 06 pre order statue back side

As shown at these pictures, the figure has a movable head and arm. 


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