• Strange daddies Sonic ketchup
    Strange daddies Sonic ketchup
    This has to be one of the stranger Sonic the Hedgehog shaped items ever made! The plastic bottle is covered with a plastic coating to try and make it look like Sonic, rather than just having a picture of him on the bottle.Maybe not the best move, he looks like…
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Another 15th Anniversary Sonic statue. This one's a bit more dynamic, with him jumping (or something) on a shaped base. This one is made of resin, with plasitc elements for the base. There were only 2500 of these made, so it was indeed a limited run, encouraging collectibility.


resin certificatephoto by Rhia

resin picturephoto by Alessandero

resin statuephoto by Rhia


This is the troublesome figure that was in the "Headline News" of Gear for such a while due to it being cancelled, un-cancelled, and then made available through a totally different method than that advertised. And, as you can see the end product statue ended up being different from that advertised, anyway. Notice that the pillars he's on switched from clear/blue to white/solid and that they toned down the shiny-ness of the paint (especially on his head.)
As you see in the center, if you got it new it has a certificate of authenticity, complete with foil number sticker, Sonic texture paper, and full color "15th Anniversary" stamp.

The ad is an 1/8th page slice, appearing in Wizard and possibly ToyFare magazines in the USA. It had no website, only the mysterious phone number. The ad reads: "Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the most recognized and beloved video game characters of all time celebrates his 15th birthday with a limited edition resin statue.

resin promoscanned by Alessandero


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