• Jakks Pacific Modern 5 inch Eggman prototype
    Jakks Pacific Modern 5 inch Eggman prototype
    Another real prototype, which went on to become the normal figure.Here's what Jakks Pacific's modern 5 inch Eggman figure looks like before it is painted. You can see the various colors of plastic he is cast from. They will generally use the main color of whatever separate body part to…
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Sonic X display figures japan Tags: SonicX Japan 2000

5 different characters billed as being from Sonic X, though Big wasn't in it a whole lot. These are really small, but the sculpts are pretty good, except for Knuckles who's head clearly suffers. For some reason the mini-big seems cuter than expected.

These are all made of semi-hard plastic, and are from Japan. There for, it's likely that they are capsule figures of some sort. The figures say "TM©2000SEGA China"


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