• Sonic the Hedgehog bed plush from target
    Sonic the Hedgehog bed plush from target
    In 2014 Target stores decided to carry a bunch of different Sonic themed bed items like sheets, blankets, comforters & a fleece. What does that have to do with dolls though? Usually it wouldn't be much, but Target is including this doll in their bedding section as a "Sonic Pillow".…
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Here are 2 interesting figures.
This Sonic & Chao are likely part of a larger set. If these look familiar, they should. They're VERY similar to some Japanese keychains. They're fully 3D figurals, on little bases, each with a name-plate. Dare to compare? See Japan Keychains 1, but look all over the page and you'll even see a very similar classical one. These aren't common, but fun to collect and display. 

Tails name plate figure (japan)

Here's a good turn around for the Tails. He has good detail, & a sturdy pose. A bit bigger than one might expect, he has pegs on his feet that allow him to be taken off the base. The texture on the back of his head is where he's stamped for copyrights & Sega. Photo & owned by: Ultimate Tails

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