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The "Amazing Sonic" Pocket Arcade LCD game. This has a 'pop-up' lid to cover the game screen so you could take it with you safely. (there was another Pocket Arcade Sonic with 'flip up lid') You can see the graphics on the back. This card says "Sonic & Robotnick are at it again. The Diabolical Dr. Robotnick has created a robot factory and it's up to Sonic to stop the metal mutants. Sonic works his way through maze-like rooms in an attempt to remove the Chaos Emeralds, the factory's only power source. Team up with Sonic through 12 levels of fast and furious action as he tries to put Dr. Robotnick out of business for good!"
-Get rings to bust thru walls
-Watch out for electro-walls
-Find 3 Emeralds
It says it contains 3 different games, which are likely variants on a theme. 

Additional Info

  • Region: USA


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