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Sonic Adventure 1 based LCD Game

Photo credit: MrCalistine

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Here's an interesting LCD game that's based on Sonic Adventure 1. This is rather odd because by the time SA 1 came out, LCDs were mostly becoming even more obsolete then they already were. However, this one IS pretty sophisticated, with joystick, cheat codes, boss rush mode, save codes, and a level based upon each level from the actual SA game. Learn all about it & watch this rare game in action at SA Arcade LCD Youtube! It's 28 minutes of educational footage for you. & many buttons. It's made to resemble an arcade cabinet, but it folds over (shown) for easy carrying. It's decorated with SA1 stock art and logos on all sides. (The red writing on the back says "arcade". This could be found at Wal Mart near the release of Sonic Adventure 1, and was made by Tiger Electronics. ALSO SOLD in the UK area. 


Video discovered by: Jake & shot by Tales of ideath

Mirror for video by Sonic District:

Additional Info

  • Region: USA


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