• Sonic the Hedgehog Tomy bag tags
    Sonic the Hedgehog Tomy bag tags
    Here are "Bag Tags".Or at least a photo of the package one may come in. These are a Tomy Gacha item, meaning you won't know which tag you get until you open it. There are 6 to collect including Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Knuckles, Shadow & a close up of Sonic's…
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Sega genesis classic game console

Photo credit: Taaron

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This is another "plug into your TV" gimmick / not really a console item. It's similar to those odd Sonic themed, pre-loaded "plug n' play" items found elsewhere on USA Electronics. This one though, is shaped sort of like the original Genesis (instead of an abstract Sonic head or something) & has somehwat similar shaped controlers. It has 80 classic games you can play right out of the box. But look how much Sonic content it pushes on the box. It's got classic Sonic, and title screens for his top games all down the side. This ISNT a "Sonic product" obviously the majority of the 80 games aren't Sonic related, but the maker knows that Sonic is so popular, they chose him to headline their entire thing. It has every Genesis Sonic game EXCEPT Sonic 3 (why just not that one? It was great) You can't lock S&K onto anything with it. The sound quality is reportedly poor / sounds 'off' from the originals. Wireless controllers that it comes with only work with line-of -sight to the system, so that's not all convenient. It WILL take old corded original controllers. It should be about $31.00, and is ONLY ok if you don't really need or care about quality. You can put Genesis games into it too, but the sound will always be a bit off, & some may not work at all. Info added by Shadowfoxx757


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  • Region: America


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