• 6 joypolis exclusive Keychains
    6 joypolis exclusive Keychains
    Here are 6 Joypolis Japan exclusive flat keychains.It's rather too bad the photo is so small, you can't really tell what they are made of. It's possible these have 'sketchy line' edges. You can collect Amy, Shadow, Eggman, Tails, Sonic & Knuckles. Amy appears to be...walking? Shadow is pointing, Eggman…
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Lego Dimensions Sonic Pack

Photo credit: Spazer

Tags: Lego Figure Electronic

Lego Dimensions is a video game (not usually covered by Gear) but it has toys that go with it & are able to interact much like Amiibos with their special bases. To get the character in the game, you can buy the figure, as seen here. Sonic comes with his ring. You can also get the "Level Pack" seen at left that has not only the Sonic figure but his little car from Sega Sonic All Stars Racing as well as a little version of the Tornado plane so you can use these vehicles in the game too. Collectible AND playable is a fun combination! 

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  • Region: International


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