• Toddler backpack
    Toddler backpack
    This back pack looks similar to the set found here...But it is different, as it is a "Toddler Backpack", and is only 12 inches high.For very little kids, a smaller school bag is probably an ok idea, especially if it has a nice Sonic design like this one. You've got…
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Not an electronic, but an electronic accessory, it's a laptop sleeve with a fun classic theme. It's black and white checkers, with a scattering of classic Sonic arts and rings. It has a zipper top and the zipper pull is a circle /rubber item with a Sonic on there too.
It is nicely Sonic, especially because of the zipper pull. This is a Spencer's Gifts item in 2021, and it should be about 20 dollars.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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