• Sonic Sports LCD McDonalds game cardboard stand
    Sonic Sports LCD McDonalds game cardboard stand
    This is another cardboard backing/stand, but for the sports themed set of games. You can see that on this one some of the games are actually stuck to the board (a common tactic, so you can see the real item) and the rest are just pictures of the game, placed…
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Jet the Hawk Tech Deck

Photo credit: Taaron

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Fingerboarding may or may not be a sport but...
Here comes Tech Deck again with another Finesse Mini Skateboard featuring another character who is seldom solo. This yellow & white board has Jet the Hawk on it, though he's not depicted on his board. This seems to be part of the Street Hits series, where the boards come with a fun accessory for the skateboards to use. In this case it's a slide for them to ride down. (In Tech Deck world are the skateboards like people? (Like how Hotwheels are) You help them have fun on the doll-house furniture & obstacles? Or are they only a finger-skill like dice-stack or pen-spinning and you buy/want obstacles to do better hand tricks with the boards?)
The board is quite nice though, Jet looks good on the background, and the art for him is nice and large. A simple bubble-card packaging does this some good as well, everything's easy to see & to display. The brand is generally at both Target & Walmart so be on the lookout for it, all fans of Jet! 

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Tech Deck


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