Sonic Box Art

This Sonic is part of First 4 Figures's set of 3 classic styled Sonic figures. These don't action, and are made of a hard resin type plastic. Each one comes with a flat black base with their name on it. 

Their Sonic & Tails are quite all right and classic too. Thankfully, they went with a more Japanese look for classic Tails because most of his early stock art was quite the mess. The left shot for Sonic has him on a Knuckles base because the shot was taken at a toy show. They're solid looking classic figures, and good to collect. Right side photo by Gabriele


At the right is the box they come in, (back to the right). The box is ok, but do watch out who you buy them from online. Some stores don't pack as well. 

Sonic, Tails & Knuckles PVC Figures

Tails PVC FigurePhoto by Gabriele

The back of the Tails figure is as accurate/classic style as the front. The long white section of the tails matches the old art, and you can even see the tilt of his sock & the sock band. This displays well from any angle. Photo discovered by Sonic Boy 19

Tails PVC Figure back

Knuckles PVC FigurePhoto by Gabriele

 This Knuckles to the left was taken at the toy show, and the right is him out of the box. It's a pretty good likeness for Classic Knuckles, and his pose is pretty fresh too, with fists together. Right side photo by Gabriele

Knuckles PVC in box

These figures retailed in europe for around €10-€15 each.


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