This is a set of mini classic style pvc/hard plastic figures. They don't move or bend, so they're just for display. These are made to resemble the PVCs of old, however with better sculpting and paint. The figures are all shown static (as in, just standing there) which is a departure from some of the others. These are made by First4Figures and are about 2 inches high each. They ARE actually scaled to the game (a great touch!) with Knuckles being the tallest.
Do these look familiar? They are the same as the UK PVCs being sold online & at Gamestation stores there. (It may just depend who is distributing them) First 4 Figures however, does not tell anyone where they can be bought...only being specific enough to inform that you CANT buy them from their website. Do you know where to find these figures in the USA? Write in for credit!
Photos furnished by: First4Figures

Special Note: Caption at the top reads "Series One" meaning they are planning another and a small teaser image suggests the line 2 could contain Sonic CD era Metal Sonic.

Box art

Sonic FigurePhoto & Owned by OrangeUnicorn

Here are the packages for the figures. Each one is carded under a round bubble. The triangle with the name card/classic style logo is also raised under the plastic. The box back is fairly standard looking, with a 'collect em all' phrase and pictures of each figure.


The Sonic (1 finger stock art) is only slightly out of place on the back because the other arts show the figures just as they appear, while that art does not match the pose. It should be noted that these are a USA and UK Co-Release. First4Figures released them in both countries in 2009/Winter. UK has online ordering ability AND Gamestation offline buying ability. USA has ? 


This is the GAME figure seen above, from the side and the back. They've done a good job with his classic style spikes & tail (it's even off to one side, instead of being straight as usual) You can see the folds in his socks and the buckle on his shoe. They didn't give him a giant nose either, as some of the early figures did. 


Series Two can be found here

Also jazwares has rereleased them as a 6-pack which can be found here

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles in package

In the image gallary is this set of 3 vinyl classic style Sonic figures from (United Kingdom). They were made by First4Figures & more detail can be seen on Display Figures They are available starting Oct. 30, 2009. Each figure is 2 inches high and does not move. They resemble the PVCs of the 90s, so if you weren't able to get any of those, these could do well for you. It's also interesting that each character is portrayed in quite a static front-facing position, with arms at the sides--very plain which makes it unusual among figures, they'll stand out. Each one will be 3.99Pound (about 7 dollars!) which is a bit on the pricey side per-each for static figures.

Additional Info

  • Region: International
  • Price list: 3.99 Pound each in UK


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