All Super Sonic photos and info. in this section provided by First4Figures.


Look at this cool classic Super Sonic resin statue! First4Figures wins again with this great display figure. He is all resin, with a Chemical Plant Zone inspired base. They got him right, down to the skimming along the ground/partially hovering pose that he really does in the game. This is 15 inches high, and the base is hand numbered. There will only be 1500 of these made in first quarter 2011, so be sure to snap it up early if you want one. It should retail at 139.99 usd. It also has an authenticity card, and enables you to buy the same numbered figure that is released next. (For example, if you got him with base numbered '5' you could get their next figure, also numbered '5', which owning all of the same number increases their value as a set)


If the regular-awesome Super Sonic statue was not enough for you, they're ALSO making a version that lights up! Just look at these photos, the light effect really adds a dynamic look and drama to the whole thing. That the light is different from middle to tip of the skimming/sparking effect is also a great touch. But watch out! This one is limited to ONLY 350 hand numbered pieces. It will go FAST too because not only does it look great, but it's only a little bit more money at $159.99 usd. You can order/pre order either of these figures right now at


 Exclusive super sonic statues lined up in factory, side-view

Here's a peek behind the scenes when making the classic super sonic statues. Photos discovered by Taaron, taken by Tomopop

 Exclusive super sonics finished production


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